viernes, 8 de julio de 2016

DAILY ROUTINE: In the afternoon_Family

Today we have received some books to read to our son in summer time. 
These first english books we have ordered are related to family, friends and daily routines such as bath, bedtime or time at school. They are very easy to understand for parent and very dicactic due to the expressions we will try our son learn little by little.
If your son likes books this activity could be easy and very enriched for him.

Descripcion of the activity:

Part one. We are going to work with our family pet, Peppa Pig and with the little library we have purchaised. 

So the activity must start asking Peppa the polite question about herself (seen before)
Hi are you? do you  do?
And after the introduction, it is the perfect moment to read our first little book Peppa´s favorite things. We are going to read the book (several times) slowly and showing things Peppa Likes. If you don´t know how to read it to your baby, you can find a nice tutorial in Youtube to practice first.

After reading the book we can work expressions such as...
...what do you like?, I like....

Part two. We will keep going working wirth our Peppa Pig´s little library second book Peppa´s family in this way

Due to the topic we have set up for these two months is the family, we will reinforce everyday the idea of family and the 6 key words and expressions to talk about it. 
Here in our little library we have the perfect ressource to do it, Peppa´s Family. A very easy tale to learn words as father, build a basic vocabulary little by little.

The cover of our second little book is this:

I haven´t foud the audio book in youtube, but maybe you could find interesting this video or the Family fingers´one we introduced in an old post.

To finish the activity we can paint this draw with watercolour

Time expected:

  • 5 minutes each reading. We will reapeat one, twice...depending of the baby atitude.
  • 10 minutes for painting the drawing.


  • Peppa Pig´s little library.
  • A printed paper with the Peppa´s family we are going to colour.
  • Several watercolour peintures

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