miércoles, 6 de julio de 2016

Inicio y Metodología

Learning a foreign language as a mother one implies to work daily routines in a natural way. 

According to this study from Developmental Science, babies can learn two lenguages (in a bilingüal way) in the  process of language learning.

So far, I try to compile in this blog some ideas and develop a daily plan of action.

On the internet we can find many nice ressources to inspire ourselves, so I have found pretty interesting Violetas´ideas and BabyTv Channel ,these two platforms helped me to concrete the english plan I will work with my baby from today.

What I have planned to do, it is simple...just three daily routines: 

  1. In the morning (wake up and breakfast).This routine will mix up one video ressources, familly conversation and a tale.
  2. In the afternoon (tematic activities: tales, songs and videos  based on family, animals, colours, body, food, social relationship, numbers). I will try to work it in a funny way using Pocoyó Cartoons, Baby Einstain, Pepa Pig ressources and  very well known books such as Charlie the chicken.
I will publish activities to work each topic each two months. So you will find all the didactic guide in september´17.
Timetable of topics:
  • Family and animals--> september to december 2016.
  • Body and social relationship--> january to march 2017.
  • Colours and Numbers-->April to july 2017. 
 3. In the everning (bath time and go to sleep). This routine will mix up one video ressources and familly conversation.
I will work this routines everyday ( what I consider crucial to learn english naturally).

A very nice video which works most of the routines you have here:

If you are curious in it, mayby you foud interessting this video, in wich an expert in pedagogy give us some advises to parents in the important rol of leaning a foreign language:

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  1. Where dowe have to start to introduce the new language? I have a 2 months old baby, my husband talk in catalán with him and I talk in spanish....I do not know how introduce a third language.
    Thanks foryour ideas, your blog is great and full of information!!