miércoles, 6 de julio de 2016

DAILY ROUTINES: Wake Up and Breakfast.


8.00. We wake up everyday with...

Expressions we will reapeat everyday to our son (showing objects or gesticulating if it is necessary)

 ...wake up my little baby! 
Good morning, its time to wake up from your Cradle!
Leave your Dummy...
Say good morning ...
  • Good morning daddy/mummy
  • Good morning doggy!
  • Good morning "señor de la escalera"

...Let´s go to wash your face and your hands! 

...we go to have breakfast 

  • Are you hungry?
  • Here is your baby bottle plenty of milk.

...wash my teeth. (in september we will start)

...Now we need to get dress with this song:

And we work key words as these:
  •  Nappy. 
  • T-shirt. 
  • Body. 
  • Shoes. 
  • Thousers.
...We will read to our son Charlie the chicken goes to School.

9.00. And you are ready to go to school with Inma.

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